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Tire inspection

Over 40 Years Of Experience

A little care goes a long way toward a smooth ride

Have you noticed extra bumps in the road during your last few drives? Perhaps you've had to crank the steering wheel to make your turns? If so, it's probably time to rebalance your wheels. In addition to the benefits this provides your steering, balancing also promotes even wear on your tires, helping to make every drive a pleasure.

Complete care for all types of tires:

• Balancing

• Inspections

• Mounting

• Pressure checks

• Repairs for flat tires

• Rotation

• Valve stem changing

New and Used Tires For Any Vehicle

All Tire Sizes and Brands

Is your tire beyond repair?

Take the stress out of trying to find a replacement that fits and operates like your old one by stopping in to browse our extensive selection of new and used tires today.

Maximize the lifespan of your tires with regular maintenance.

Stop in or call today for your FREE tire repair estimate!

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Having trouble fitting one more errand into your overcrowded schedule? Our flexible appointment options make it easy to provide your tires with the maintenance they need at a time that is convenient for you.